Most Successful Golf Players

Professional golfers generally build a career that may seem very attractive to ordinary people. It is no secret, however, that they receive most of the money from various sponsors. What about the finances they get from various sporting events? This is what will be discussed in this article. Golfer’s career can be very long, many of them play after forty years, and even after fifty years, participating in competitions around the world. And it also means a lot of opportunities to win. In this article, you will find a list of the 15 most successful golfers in the world who have earned the most money from their golf game. The world’s two most significant golf tournaments, the PGA Tour and the European Tour are included.

  1. Tiger Woods – 158,7 million

And of course, first, the legend, Tiger Woods, who has already won 119 tournaments, including 14 major ones.

  1. Phil Mickelson – 109,9 million

Mickelson is the first golfer on this list to reach the 100 million mark. At the same time, he has won five victories in major tournaments, and the total number of his wins is over fifty.

  1. Jim Furik – $ 82.4 million

The golfer was the third player to have won a single major tournament and 17 wins but has earned more than $ 82 million in golf.

  1. Vijay Singh – $ 81.3 million

The best Fijian golfer in the world is Singh, who has won 47 times and three times in major tournaments.

  1. Ernie Els – 79.2 million

If Gusen was second, Els is certainly the first among South Africans. He has won a total of 47 victories, including four in major tournaments.

  1. Sergio Garcia – 71 million dollars

This Spaniard has already won 21 victories, but he hasn’t won a single major tournament yet.

  1. Rory McIlroy – $ 67.9 million

The best representative of Northern Ireland in golf has already won four major tournaments, with a total of 26 wins.

  1. Adam Scott – $ 66.6 million

The Australian’s currency marker says he sold his soul to the devil to play so well, which put him on the eighth line, taking a total of 23 wins, including one in a major tournament.

  1. Justin Rose – $ 60.5 million

Justin outperformed his rival by only two hundred thousand dollars and a win, but he’s an Englishman, so he makes a lot less money in America and gets richer by 20 million in Europe.

  1. Dustin Johnson – $ 60.3 million

The world’s top ten golfers Open Johnson, who has earned about $ 60 million throughout his career. Three-quarters of this amount he received as part of the PGA Tour. He managed to win a major tournament, winning a total of fifteen wins.

  1. Luke Donald – $ 55.2 million

This Englishman has won more than 55 million without winning a single major tournament and with a total of 12 wins.

  1. Retif Gusen – $ 53.7 million

The first South African golfer on the list has already won two major tournaments, 21 times won, 30 million in America, and 21 million in Europe. He is the second most successful representative of his country in the world of golf.

  1. Lee Westwood – $ 53.7 million

Another Englishman in the standings, who this time won the most money (32.5 million) in the European tournament. Unfortunately, he has not won any major tournament, but he has 25 wins.

  1. Davis Love III – 51.5 million

Surprisingly, this golfer has won only 300 thousand dollars more than the previous one, even though he has almost twice as many wins and a win in the big tournaments.

  1. Steve Stricker – $ 51.2 million

Suddenly, so high in the top climbed Stricker, who, although he had 12 wins, never won a single major tournament. At the same time, he managed to win more than fifty million dollars in golf.