Pro Golf Competitions

The world of golf has four major or major championships known as “Majors” and also the most important, but only one player in the entire recent history of this sport, Bobby Jones, was able to win all four in the exact year-1930.

Each tournament takes place on a specific date during the year, so the big players are in each of them and have the time to go to the different cities where it takes place. Learn more about this sport and each of these tournaments with extensive journalistic coverage.

Majors championships: The Best Golf Events in the World

The term major began to be used in 1960 when Arnold Palmer won the first golf events of this season: Masters of Augusta and US Open. The golfer commented among his teammates that if he had won the British Open in addition to the PGA Championship, he would have finished his own Grand Slam, as in 1930 Jones did, but Palmer’s feat was not accomplished.

In 1934, a new specialty was opened, the master of Augusta. In addition to the appearance of professional golf between the 1940s and 1950s, it was determined that the four major tournaments of this sport would be: The U.S. Open, the Augusta Master, the British Open Golf and the PGA Tournament, all provided by a diverse Association but ratified its particular statute.

Of these, the oldest in the British Open which is the only one played outside the United States of America, and the master of Augusta is unique because he has no variation in his seat, so every year he is represented in the same field.

What do golfers get out of being champions?

As they receive a hundred points from the official golfers ‘ rankings, as well as a cash prize that varies depending on the tournament in which they participate. There is a” golf season,” and each takes place in this order:

  1. Augusta Master: the second Sunday in April is played at the Augusta National Golf club. Whoever wins this prize receives the symbolic ” green jacket.”

The format of this game is classic; an 18-hole 72-time course is run four times in four days. Their leader is Jack Nicklaus, with six under his belt. (1963, 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975 and 1986).

  1. US Open: the third Sunday in June is played. It is played on any golf course in the US, and the American Golf Association is the one that organizes it.

Professional and amateur players can participate in this competition, provided they have an updated handicap of 1.4. Willie Anderson, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, and Jack Nicklaus have won four times each.

  1. British Open Golf: it takes place on the third weekend of July and is organized by the Royals and the former St Andrews golf club, which is played on a course in the United Kingdom.

The symbolic price of this championship was a red leather belt with a silver buckle, but currently, a pitcher of solid silver (pitcher Claret) is given.

  1. PGA Championship: takes place on the last weekend after the British Open. Your organization is in charge of PGA and can be played on any golf course in the US.

The first time it was played was in 1916, and its winner Jim Barnes won $ 500. Walter Hagen and Jack Nicklaus led the way with five wins each.

The oldest ones bring together the most select and essential of the World golf and therefore its importance. For this reason, we consider these competitions as competitions that you cannot neglect if you like this sport.